So, What is This “Gravity Index” Thing?

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Ever get down after an AWESOME canopy ride on your new high-speed canopy…and then a thought crosses your mind…. “I wonder how close I was to activating my AAD??” Well, with an m2 AAD there is no need to guess, you can access the data that was saved after the last jump and see the “Gravity Index”. (The user manual will lead you through the button pushes to access the data).

The technical description is:

G – Gravity index is the percentage of the highest achieved fall rate in the activation zone during the last jump, when 100 % is the activation speed of the currently used device profile. After landing, the skydiver may check how close he was to the device activation limit during his flight on the parachute in the activation zone. This information is particularly important for Canopy Piloting, when the parachute pilots reach high speeds at minimum height above ground.

If the Gravity Index is close to 100% then you were close to activating the AAD, not a good situation.

So what can you do? If you have an Expert m2 then you can activate X-Mode when you turn it on and that will change the setting to “Canopy Piloting” for that one power cycle. (Remember it will be back in Expert mode the next time you power it on)

With the new m2 multi, you can change the profile to “Canopy Piloting” and it will stay that way.

Don’t guess…. check the Gravity Index.

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